Oral Health Risk Assessment

The most common oral problems like tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer are largely preventable. As a Delta Dental member, you have access to quality oral healthcare. We also want to help you assess your risk for certain disease conditions and take steps to prevent or treat them. Through a partnership with PreViserTM Corporation, we offer myDentalScore, a risk assessment tool that provides leading-edge technology to evaluate oral health. This assessment can dramatically improve your oral health and save you money in healthcare costs.

You will be asked about personal habits, past history of dental disease and current symptoms of oral disease. This survey assesses the risk level for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. You do not need to reveal personal health information. You may even take the survey anonymously. Once it is completed, you will receive a score for each risk area. To get an even better handle on your oral health, take the results to your next dental exam to discuss the risk levels with your dentist.

Take the assessment