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Why Choose Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the national dental benefits leading expert. It is our focus. We have the largest network of dentists across the nation. More than 60 million employers, employees and families are covered by Delta Dental with benefits that are affordable, easy to administer, easy to use and backed by excellent service. We’ve been at this since 1958—no other company is better at dental than Delta Dental. 

Facts about Delta Dental:

  • Delta Dental serves more than one third of the estimated 166 million Americans with dental insurance, providing national dental coverage to more than 60 million people in more than 111,000 groups.
  • Across the nation, our two networks—Delta Dental PPOSM Network and Delta Dental Premier® Network—offer the largest proprietary network of participating dentists.
  • The Delta Dental PPOSM Network delivers the industry’s best effective discount – resulting in more than $5.9 billion in annual savings compared to dentists’ average charges.