Delta Dental is recognized as a leading provider of dental plans across the country. Our mission is to improve oral health in the communities we serve and educate people on the importance of dental care to overall health. Delta Dental can offer you comprehensive reports and data to help you assess the needs of your employees. Our account management team is ready to help you improve the health of your dental plan members.

Health and Wellness Resources

You and your plan members can access our Health & Wellness site and find easy-to-use tools that will provide valuable information regarding optimal oral health.  

Communications to Engage Members

As you identify opportunities to improve the utilization of your group’s dental benefits, your account manager will help you evaluate communication options. We can provide a variety of electronic materials for you to use such as digital flyers and employee communications content.

Leverage Reporting Metrics to Improve Results

Understanding your group’s oral health status, monitoring dental claim trends or adjusting your organization’s dental plan design is simplified with Delta Dental’s enhanced data reporting and analysis. 

You’ll get an in-depth look at the oral health of your group dental plan members with a breakdown that shows who uses the dental benefits and how – and quantifies specific dental conditions within your group. 

Ask your account manager for more details.