Oral Risk Assessment for Your Patients

We know that most common oral problems like tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer are largely preventable. Delta Dental believes that consumers should have access to high-quality oral healthcare and have knowledge of common risk factors and oral disease prevention strategies. That’s why Delta Dental helps people assess their risk for certain disease conditions and take steps to prevent or treat them. Through a partnership with PreViser™ Corporation., we offer myDentalScore, a risk assessment tool that provides leading-edge technology to evaluate oral health.

We encourage our clients to promote this tool to covered employees, and you can ask your patients to visit myDentalScore.  They will easily access the user-friendly survey that asks a series of questions about personal habits, past history of dental disease and current symptoms of oral disease. This survey assesses the risk level for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. No personal health information is ever revealed, and the survey can be taken anonymously. Once it is completed, users will receive a score for each risk area. These scores can be printed out and brought to their next dental examination for your review.

When a patient brings you a printed survey, you will be able to assist with the assessment in one of two ways:

Provide your patient with your exam results for them to add to their survey. 
Your clinical observations can be added to your patient’s online myDentalScore survey.

Use a clinical oral disease assessment tool from PreVisor™.

You will need a clinical account with PreViser™. This will allow you to store patient scores along with your clinical observations so you can track patient progress. This simple tool can illustrate changes in a patient’s oral health over time. The results will show the outcomes of regular dental care. The result is more compliance, better patient retention and patients who understand your value in helping them achieve optimum oral health.


Visit PreViser.com to sign up for a free account, customize your account, view a quick start guide Q&A and access PreViser OHIS, a clinical tool to assess patients.


For other questions about this exciting offer, contact our professional relations department at 800-529-3268.